Welcome to the next wave of golf apparel. 

We're here to create a community that inspires others. 

At Surf & Turf Golf, we’re not just about threads – we’re about threading a new golf lifestyle. From Course to Coast, our brand is founded on the tenets of comfort, quality, community and inclusion.

Our products don’t quit when you putt out (or chip in) on 18; rather, Surf & Turf apparel is designed for on and off the golf course.

At Surf & Turf, we recognize that the days of stuffy and exclusive golf are going out with the dusk’s tide. A new breed of golf — and a new breed of golfer – is seeking a fun and flexible game that all are welcome to explore and enjoy.

We look forward to the opportunity to outfit you and crew – from your rounds of sport, to your rounds of life.

We're not just going to change the game. We're going to make a difference. 



Founded on a beach in Dana Point, Calif. in 2016, our brand was established on the belief and recognition that the game’s vibe remains too exclusive, and that much of golf’s next generation is just plain out-priced or left feeling outside the ropes of access.

Brought together by a trio of young, professional golfers all ranging from different corners of the country — our principal mission began with a SoCal-style, grassroots belief in creating an open-armed brand that would evolve into a thread which connects golfers of all levels, ages, backdrops and belief systems.
Our flag and ‘board logo seeks to coalesce more than just a pair of iconic images.

We want to bring good people together, and we’ve missioned ourselves to help those in need, which is why 5 percent of our online sales go to help a different person every month.

Surf & Turf was born on the philosophy of inclusion. It’s an ideology which, swing by swing, has evolved into our Course to Coast vision.